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Thread: Daytime driving lights on antique motorcycles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45OZ View Post
    I Ride my Chief as a Regular Bike & I always have the headlight ON, Day & Night, the generator is set for it & it DOES make you more visable so I see no reason not to use them during the Day if it is the law or not. Better Safe Than sorry. Plus if some idiot does turn in front of you & you collide ( Which has happened to me) at least thats one less thing they can blame on a the Rider & use as an excuse for Them not being alert.
    Just my 2 cents
    Sometimes laws have to be used because some people lack Common Sense
    But with Carbide (acetylene) lighting, it virtually disappears in sunny daylight conditions. And even conversion of acetylene head and tail-lights with LED lights is not much brighter (I have done this when taking an acetylene lamp-equipped bike to the US for a National Road Run in a state like New York with its motorcycle lights-on-at-all-times law.) I have found that high-visibility vests of the industrial safety, bicycle, or police/emergency services type result in instant recognition by motorists. Also in Canada since all vehicles made in the last 20 years are supposed to have day-time running lights, the headlamps of motorcycles do not stand out in daytime.
    But I never rely on lights-on or hi-viz riding gear. Too many idiots on the roads.

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    I live in mass & have ridden for years & not been stopped for lights just lucky I guess, with their selective enforcement I would fight the ticket, used to be free to fight but they now charge a $ 25.00 file fee let us know how you make out. Bob

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    I also live in MA and ride all of the time without my light on. I ride '55 FL and '73 FLH and only use my lights when my wife rides along with me. It is easier to put the light on than listen to her complain about ti.
    Carl Messina
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    I was only given a warning. I was out with my 16 yr old daughter, she was on her first ride on a 1975 Indian CB125S, and I was on my 53 Chief. We were on backroads here in the Berkshires in Western Mass and got pulled over by the local cops with nothing better to do. They did not have a clue that we both were on vintage motorcycles. One of the cops is the motorcycle safty class instructor at Barnes AFB for the state of Mass. Loves pulling over motorcycles. But the law is the law and I guess I will make sure our lights are on. I usually turn them on when I am in the city.

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