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    Default Larry Husman

    Larry Husman, 60, died March 7, 2012, in Sioux Falls SD, of cancer.
    A Great Plains Chapter member, the "audacious one" was a natural-born leader who prompted a large share of the fun our chapter enjoyed. He was always one of the primary agitators of riding events, whether to Davenport or Farmington, or to nationally sponsored Road Runs, as well as chapter rides, and any good excuse to ride anywhere.

    An avid Indian enthusiast, Larry played the competitive part with the Harley boys in good sportsmanship. He will be missed by all.

    A poem by his survivors follows, next post.

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    Give us another day in the wind, Dear Lord
    Just one more day in the wind.
    The last one was so long ago,
    Tomorrow we may never know
    Your hills, Your streams, Your great sunrise,
    The air, the pines, Your magnificent skies.

    Put us in flight on 385
    With a full tank of gas, on our favorite rides,
    Put a gleam in our eye, a set in our jaw,
    And a boastful confidence in our iron prides.

    Give us a line of a hundred Harleys
    Slow and steady, unsuspecting
    of our anxious pursuit
    our overtaking

    And now, give us, Lord, a clear left lane
    at the crest of a lengthy hill,
    We'll twist up the power, and roar by them all!
    To the fore! by Your will,
    as the mighty prevail! and the lesser they fall
    to the awesome speed of the Indian!

    We'll laugh! and celebrate! our gutsy feat!
    With the joy of victory on our face.
    We'll swagger about, and pump our chests.....

    Just one more earthly thrill, Lord, Your Grace,
    for yes, we know,
    That it is only by Your Grace, Dear Lord
    Only by Your Grace

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    So sorry to hear about Larry. He was the true charactor of the team out your way. I feel for ya.

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    Default Hussman

    P Mast,

    Sorry for your loss.

    Dirty Harry

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