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Thread: difference between 1966 and 1969 heads?

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    I'm a little late on this I know, but I've been without a computer for a while. The one thing in the area of the cylinder head that is '66 only is the front rocker box has no provision for a air cleaner bracket.

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    The short reach plug shovelheads with the '66 cast in the vertical surface by the spark plug hole also have a date code cast into them. Pretty hard to see when the rocker boxes are in place, the code is a month and 2 digit for the year, cast into the top of the head, right next to the short rocker box stud and behind the push rod tubes. It will be something like 5 68 for May of 1968 as an example. You might be able to make it out if you poke a flashlight into the area under the rocker box and behind the push rod tubes. These date codes were used untill about '78, I believe.

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