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Thread: Leaky Fuel petcock shut off valve

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    I thought so....
    Cory Othen

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    A friend has been turning out Teflon tips for fuel rods for a many years. I am very satisfied with my two and others are pleased as well. He recently made one from PEEK and it works just as well.
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    Tim, I have had this problem on a 1942 WLA and on a 1957flh. On the '42 i was successful with simply lapping in the seat using 1000 grit and following with an abasive polishing paste. On the '57 none of the lapping techniques worked and I ultimately pressed out the seat, machined a teflon seat pressed it in (about .003 press fit), recut the seat face and that has given me a good shut off. There is not doubt that the rod must be perfectly square with the seat face and that extremely minor surface imperfections allow leakage to occur. The metal rod seating into teflon allow for minor alignmnet issues and allow for more of an interference seating effect.
    The link that Silent Grey Fellow gave was to anothe gas valve seating problem I had on a '39 knucklehead which had the external gas shutoff valve.
    I must be blessed with every bike I own starting off with leaking shutoff valves.

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