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This has been discussed before. Try this: http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/bbo...aking+petcocks
Thank you for the link, I have seen that post before. I did not understand the RTV thing as it appears to me this leaves some RTV silicone on my valve face? Would that not eventually come off and cause a real problem? When I originally read through this procedure I thought is the RTV going on the face, or on the shaft, I am sorry but I just can't get a visual. The other part of that posting thread talked about LAPPING, I still cant see how the rod being used can be lapped in, as the threads on my rod (see pic above) stops me from lapping in the traditional sense. I think that thread was referring to a different designed shut-off but I am not certain.

Thanks for all the suggestions and comments, hopefully I can get to a resolution and it might help others in the future.