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Thread: Some french Bikes at our shop

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    Default Some french Bikes at our shop

    Motobecane ZS 1961 race prepared 175cc

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    Motoconcort U57 1963 stock 175cc

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    Cool Stuff! Thanks.
    What's the French bike with the cast alum tank? Was the frame alum on it also?
    Thanks again, RF.

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    Very Nice Briton!!

    Can you tell us about your shop? Where are you located and what does your shop specialize in? Very interesting!!

    Take care
    J.Denis McCarthy Come visit The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

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    hi ,

    RF the tanks on both bikes are steel , the frames are steel

    We are a small restoration and custom motorcycle work shop in Asheville North Carolina . We specialize in pre 1965 small displacement European motorcycles with preferably a race history to them. 125cc to 350 cc (with the occasional 500cc single or the occasional 2 stroke) . By appointment only, but we welcome visitors anytime . For 2012 we have been working on the 2 French bikes above , a couple of Royal Enfield continentals 250cc (with the camel hump tanks) , Benelli 250cc , Kreidler 50cc GP racer , 3 BSA B31 racers , 2 BSA B33 ( 1 racer/ 1 plunger) , and Vincent Comet racer/retro custom build) . We are just a small custom shop that has an interest in preserving and or updating historical motorcycles. We are not a chop shop

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