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Thread: Tom Fritz Harley 100th Anniversary "GREAT DOINGS" Large Painting #220 of 250

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    Default Tom Fritz Harley 100th Anniversary "GREAT DOINGS" Large Painting #220 of 250

    Here is the story with this painting. It was purchased from a Harley dealership. The dealership had it hanging in the lounge of their store since 2002. They did not know that hanging a canvas print under an air conditioner vent would over time cause the paint to crack on the print. The paint is only cracking, which actually gives it a bit of a vintage look, it is not falling off the canvas. From 7 or 8 feet away you cant really see the cracking. I contacted SEGAL Fine Art who distributed the print. They said the worst that would happen with the print is the cracking. The paint will not peel off or flake off or anything like that. Segal said they can reprint the picture and have the artist resign and number it but for a fee. I bought the print and I am now selling the origional one so I can pay to have a new one reprinted. Im not trying to get rich off this just raise the money to get a new print reprinted.

    The conditions: In order for me to have SEGAL reprint the picture I had to cut out the artist signature and the serial number and mail it to them with the payment for reprinting. I am offering this print so someone who cant afford a $2,550.00 painting and isnt looking for one for anything other than nice wall art can have a chance to get one. I cut the hole as small as possible so you can add a picture, patch, coin, or whatever when you have it framed.

    This one was number 220 of only 250 canvas prints made. It comes with copies of the certificate of authenticity, the origional price tag, and the write up by the artist. Like I said, and confirmed with the artist, this print is still worth something even with the name cut out but because of that it is not worth the full market price of $2,550.00.

    If you are interested, need more pics, or have questions please PM me. I have over 330 transactions and 100% posative feedback on ebay.

    Price is $400.00 shipped in the Continental US. OBO!

    Total canvas size: 34 1/4" wide 27 1/4" high
    Actual painted area size: 32 3/4" wide 25 3/4" high
    Size of hole where signature was: 3 1/2" wide 2 1/4 high
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    Default More pics

    Pics of paperwork.
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    Forgot to mention, I am loated in central North Carolina and pickup/delivery is possible.
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    Also forgot Or Best Offer.
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    Any Offers?
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    Nobody is interested in this? Ill listen to offers.
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