I thought I'd reply to this old thread in case anyone is interested. Someone mentioned getting non-ethanol gasoline at marinas. In Central NY, near Oneida Lake there are a number on Indian owned Sav-On gas stations. This year, they started selling non-ethanol gasoline in 3 grades at two of their stations near Oneida Lake. It's only a few cents more per gallon than their normal gas.

Another point I thought I'd mention is a few months ago, I learned that the ethanol in our gas is not put into the gas until the truck that takes it to the station is filled for delivery. The gas in the tanks at the distributor has no ethanol in it. I have not yet checked, but I would like to think that you might be able to buy non-ethanol gas from the distributor. When I get a chance, I'm going down to the port of Albany and see if that is possible.