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Thread: Indian Red

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    Hey Tom is it possible to actually see this color of Dupont Nason Eurothane red on a restored bike. I was using a truck Red which has been discontinued and I am very interested in following up on your recomendation. BUT I would like to see it on a bike first as I have been diapointed in the past. I have been burnt before on the matching game by the "paint experts" and I would rather use an off the rack container that is of good quality and the right look. I have a 1913 ready for paint and have been stalling for several years to paint it.Timely request for me as well.Thanks Dave.

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    I was told that Indian Red is the same color as used on Boar's Head meat trucks. I can't confirm this.

    John W Weiss

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    My choice, Folks,...

    For my '49 HD was "burgundy", but it looks exactly like Indian Red to me.

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