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Thread: HD OEM motor case halfs!

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    Default HD OEM motor case halfs!

    I have (2) OEM PANHEAD motor case halfs:

    (1) right-side Panhead case half, belly number 165-29**. EXCELLENT, in NO damage condition. Ready for build.

    (2) left-side NOS Panhead case half, NO BELLY NUMBER/ NO VIN NUMBER in the VIN block with date code 9-66. This IS an OEM, un-numbered Factory replacement case half. AND IT IS NOS! PERFECT, in no damage condition, ready for build.

    Email if interested, either HERE or at my personal email:

    (1) $800 for 1965 CASE HALF;
    (2) $1100 OBO for NOS, date coded 9-66 CASE HALF.

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    Default Off the table!

    ...the NOS Case half is off the table for the moment....the '65 Case half is STILL AVAILABLE!


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