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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Haynes View Post
    I was to receive restitution for my 1964 Impala SS 425 HP 409 that was stolen, stripped and burned. I never got a cent.
    If my memory serves, that would be a daul-quad 409. What a heartbreak! I had a single carb, 1963 409.
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    Failure to make Court-ordered (not contractual) restitution allows the prosecutor to vacate the previous sentence, and re-sentence the defendant to longer prison term (or prison instead of probation), etc. "I was going to pay him but I don't have the money"?: then you'll be making license plates.
    Also permits 6 months in jail for contempt of a judicial order.
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    Most never pay back but if they do at $50 or $100 a month you will have a long wait at best.
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