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Thread: New AMCA Judging Criteria Introduced at Eustis

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    Quote Originally Posted by kval View Post
    this is NOT a new rule, it has been in effect since this judging system started in 1992

    yes they did have judging at Fremont, but they did it under the old rules
    We used to have the owners start their bike, right in front of the judges, if it had not already been seen to run at the meetsite that weekend, as long as I can remember: 1972. Basically, it's always been the rule, and occasionally it's been circumvented, even under the old "Best Restored, Second Best Restored" system.

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    I don't believe there was any mention of new rules at Freemont. We were, however, advised to deduct 6 pts for incorrect paint. Judging occurred on Sat. morning the 6th. I observed a 48 Pan be DQd for having the wrong frame.

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    Default Great Point

    I agree with you..........let's live up to our mission statement and try and get encourage each other to restore and ride these old motorcycles.

    It seems to me that it is becoming more "all about the money" than preservation of the old iron for future generations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Knotthed View Post
    I know this is a very controversial topic, so don't chop my head off.

    I would have to agree with Carl a little on this one.

    Here are my thoughts:

    I for one would like to see the effort that is put into judging be used for a more productive outcome for the club and motorcycle history. Imagine if years ago, the judging event/time slot was used to document these machines. There are many knowledgeable older people in the club that will not be there forever. We should capture this knowledge instead of letting it pass us by. "A copy of a copy is never as good as an original!" I am very sure that the same thing happens with judging and things don't get passed down the same. A pictoral of a specific bike and their intricasies could be developed for each model and a revision level of each of those kept for all members to see and revised as appropriate. Then if someone wanted to persue restoring a bike they would be able to use this guide. If you wanted judging, the judges could use this guide. The guide would also be there to preserve history about the bikes. I'm not saying make a guide for each individual vin machine, but by year and model would be appropriate as they are made. I know there are experts for various different models out there - call so and so about that type of thing. If these were divided up between everyone they could be done relatively easy. Like a very detailed book report so to speak.

    I for one see this judging thing blowing up with all the new bikes that will be available to be judged.

    Perhaps the bike shouldn't be judged until the pictoral standard is developed. The bike can be brought to the meets for development of the standards if one has not been developed.

    I'm not sure if the club has a mission statement, but this is what I found on the very website that I am typing this on.

    ************************************************** ********
    "Who We Are
    We could bore you with facts and figures, membership size, age of the club, etc., but what it all boils down to is this... having fun with Old Iron! Networking in this club means rubbing elbows and turning a few wrenches with fellow club members who share your passion for old bikes.

    Enjoyment of this hobby can take many forms, depending on your level of interest. If detailed restoration is your main concern, you will find club members with similar interests eager to lend a hand. Assistance may come in the form of supplying that elusive part you've been searching for, or answering technical questions such as the correct color for your machine.

    Getting back to rubbing elbows, what better place than at one of the nine national meets spread throughout the country. Here’s your opportunity to peruse the swap area, get a little silly participating in the field games, or enter a bike for judging and perhaps earn your just reward for all that sweat you spent on its restoration.

    Perhaps feeling the wind in your hair is your idea of a perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. There's a local chapter of the Antique Club near you, filled with people who have wind blown hair and the occasional oil stain on their boots.

    If a longer ride would better suit you, sign up for one of the four annual national road tours. Here you and the family can enjoy some beautiful scenery and put a few miles on your bike over a four-day period. All club activities are designed so the entire family can participate.

    Have we sparked your interest? We hope so. "
    ************************************************** ********

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    Default Only my opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by dlterpstra View Post
    I agree with you..........let's live up to our mission statement and try and get encourage each other to restore and ride these old motorcycles.

    It seems to me that it is becoming more "all about the money" than preservation of the old iron for future generations.
    First off, I don't post to any forum, but this topic is toxic. I feel it will drive a wedge between members of this club.

    I have been a member a long time, not really active though. The meets I attend for the old parts; and to see the original bikes. I don't go to the show field, unless it is to get a picture of an original bike. I had old motorcycles long before I joined AMCA; and also was into antique automobiles a long time ago.

    As I was coming up through the ranks of a antique automobile organization, that organization really pushed the judging. And as I was president of a local chapter, I saw first hand the tension that can develop from one member to another member or to the organization. The trophy collectors just got out of hand.

    As a previous poster here said "this is between the bikers and the investors", and I can't agree more. We can't do anything about the high $$$$ prices for the parts and bikes; other than just walk away from them. I honestly believe the judging contributed to the high prices. But, Hey that is human nature. You can take it or leave it, I leave it.

    The judging is what brings some members into the club, some not all. The longer this debate grows, the deeper the divide, we will see between long time friends.

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