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Thread: Old Dealers web sites?

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    Did this list fall apart?
    It was a great idea, I can't locate the website that was set up.
    Any information would be appreciated...

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    Olson Brothers Cycle on 413 Pearl Street in downtown Sioux City, Iowa were Indian dealers from the mid-late 30's until Indian's demise. Art Olson may still be alive, albeit unlikely; he was alive a few years ago, i know for fact. i worked for Olson summer of 1970

    At my request, "Sidecar" over on CAIMAG did a bit of research on Olsen Brothers, this is what he found, "Olson Cycle Center opened its doors at this location at Third and Wesley Way in April 1970. Carl N. Olson opened the bicycle repair shop in 1927 at 410 Virginia St. and later added motorcycle sales in 1934 and operated his business at 211 Fifth St. For many years the business was known as Indian Cycle Shop, the trade name for the motorcycles sold. The dealership moved to 511 Pearl St. in 1956 and became Olson Bros. Cycle Shop under the ownership of brothers Arthur and Carl Olson. In 1965 the business moved one block south to 413 Pearl Street. In his late teens, Art moved out to California to play minor league baseball. After the outbreak of World War II, Art returned to Sioux City and joined his brother, Carl, in the bicycle and motorcycle business. They ran Olson Brother's Cycle Shop, which later became Olson Cycle Center until Art's retirement in 1989.
    In 1975 a new highway went thru and forced another move."

    "Sidecar" has a fantastic 42 page thread listing dealer info from the very early 1900's. if you don't know about it, worth visiting.

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