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    Hello all, Went to the Brookfield meet & it was GREAT !!!! The people who ran the show were fantastic, the swap was small but we found many treasures. I never made it to this meet in my 20 years, but will go back from now on ! We could jump on our scoots & go play at our leisure. This was the first meet I have ever went to, that there was no complaints from anyone period. Here's why- No politics, no militants, no police, no rules, no fees, I was diggin it so much I joined the chapter & went home not broke but in debt ! Now I have to write a bunch of checks for the parts I bought on credit. Thank you vendors ! My race bike Big Jesus 151 won 2nd place peoples choice ! So thank you all who voted for me. There are many hours & $ in that ride, its great to feel appreciated. Once again the meet was GREAT & thank you all who are responsible, C-YA next year Brookfield ROCKS...Carl Estes Pusherman Racing:

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    If you have any pictures of the meet can you post them

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