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Thread: the first Harley's

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    Default the first Harley's

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    Default first pic of the lobby bike?

    i remember a while back earl had said that he thought that the bike in this picture {taken around 1918} was the same bike that harley now has.the one they call the 1903 first seems likely,as the factory was actively seeking out these early bikes.if so ,then it would appear that the bike was not actually a pieced together hodgepodge.but started out as a pretty nice example of an early 6 bolt bike.

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    Default 1963

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    Default 1963

    the picture above is a picture of the lobby bike taken in 1963. if this is the same bike as in the 1918 pic,then it has seen alot of "restoration",and looks like it was generally mistreated.and someone took away her tires too! i've spent hours looking at the 2 pictures and it does appear to be the same there any photos of this bike between the years of 1918 and 1963?

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    I've got a framed photo of the museum bikes that was taken ,as far as I know, in 1951.
    It was sent to Dad by Bill Ottaway and I have the letter that came with it that is dated 15th June 1951
    It shows what I am sure is the same bike at the head of the line and it has a 1904 date on the front number plate.
    If you like I can have it taken out of the frame and copied for you. Lets know if you want me to do that.
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    hi tommo,i'd love to see the picture,can you post it? thanks ,lonnie

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    Default Good winter topic!

    The gray bike in the first photo looks to be a good runner at the time, don't it? Tires aired up. Oil leaks. Let's ride! Take the Blue Mound Road west out of town to Jefferson and have a beer with the boys!

    This brings up the important question: What were the local brands of beer in Jefferson, Wis., circa1900-1919?

    Maybe ride over to Cambridge and visit our pal Frank Kenzler too.

    Anyway, the c1918 date on the first photo is an estimate because we know the woodshed was moved to that location in 1918. So that's the photo's earliest possible date. It could be newer.

    Paint color doesn't mean much, but being gray points to 1906. So does the sidecar frame. Motor? 1905 or 1906? Earl has a good feel for that.

    Like Lonnie said, you'd think that being in the same c1919 time frame that Harley was seeking early models and the photo being taken at the factory, this would be a bike (or pieces of it) in today's collection. But a 1903 or 1904? Tain't so!

    Lonnie, 4 feet of snow? Wow! Better bolt on the sidecar!

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    I wonder what happened to this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Haynes View Post
    I wonder what happened to this one?
    nice pic,i haven't seen that one.notice the flat rear fender braces.and the absence of the bottom motor mount cap. also it has the later style belt tensioner.this is an early pic of harleys second 6 bolt bike.their tagged 1905 model.

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    Default the '1905' bike in 1998

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