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Thread: popes O.H.V.

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    Default popes O.H.V.

    me and a few friends finally got together and are going to make a few short coupled frames for ohv well as forks.seems to be a few engines out there.there will probably be 2 extra frames and forks available.if anyone has an OHV single or twin engine let me know.or any spare parts.i got alot of extra pope goodies to trade.

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    Default factory pope

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    Default mr popes last stand

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    Default privateer

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    Default resto pope

    this is a nice bike,though restos dont really do it for me anymore.although i have heard from R.L. and a few others that this is a true race engine. lonnie

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    Cool pics! And cool parts. I've always wondered if the Pope over-head valve motors were influenced by Perry Mack and his motors? These Pope motor's top ends look very similar to Mack's Waverley motors. Do you or anyone else know who designed them or if there are blueprints still around? I know the Lake motor(circa 1919/20) is an exact copy of Mack's Mack motor so I assume there might have been other copies.


    Dick Werner

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    Great to have you back Jurassic. You were very much missed.
    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886

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    Default ohv's

    hey eric,glad to see you still at it too.i have been wondering about you and your merkel.whats the status? i ask cause santa just scored me a 12 rolling chassis. i got a single lower end but no cylinder. dick ,there are definatly alot of things similar about the jefferson and the pope head.i'll try and get a side by side shot of the 2 heads tomorrow.

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    Default dont be a dope , ride a pope

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    Default jefferson vs. pope

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