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Thread: Exhaust Leak Causing Misfire?

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    I attempted to keep track of different spring collars for some time.

    It is my impression that the IDs were probably the same for all, even for Scheblers.
    If the collar does not slide easily when the choke is operated, the holes wear larger.
    Occasionally the needles will "hourglass" or have a flat side as well.

    The thicknesses of the collars vary however.
    In general, flathead models including Indians used a thinner collar, whereas postwar HD OHV's nearly always are found with thick collars.

    Too many exceptions to these rules cross my benches to declare any gospel.

    Since there is little height difference of the orifice hole for the two, I cannot imagine that there is a difference in air metering.

    Next quandry: Why are there differences in the lowspeed needle wells, if the collar does the metering? (The hole in the casting, as shown in the attachments.)
    And why do the last M74Bs with no serifs on the B have a needle well that is choked towards the bottom?
    Without L&L literature, we may never know.

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