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Thread: Knuckle Jug Date Codes

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    I see your point John and I tend to agree. Paps

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    I not only agree with your view on the original bikes but also deeply appreciate your stewardship of them. As I've stated before, we should be in the business of preserving history not creating it.
    Brian Howard AMCA#5866

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    I can agree with just about everything that's been said. I think our motto is "ride 'em, don't hide 'em". And I think we are dedicated to preserving motorcycle history. And wether we like it or not, we will all become part of our machines' history as we ourselves pass into history.
    But if we're judgin a bike for originality and someone claims to have a 100 point, "numbers-matching" bike, I expect it to be just that. Not a "close" reproduction, or "assembled-from-various-years" collection of parts. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with our judging system, but I am saying: If a guy goes to the trouble to make every piece correct then there ought to be some way to reward him. Sort of a 'super-winners circle' or special mention or something. Or maybe 99.9999 points.
    I think the Corvette guys get that detailed (but of course, they only have a few models to deal with).
    Anyway, I'll quite dragging this thread out - hope to join in the judging process this summer if time permits.

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