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Thread: pic of my comet motor scooter

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    dnkcozmo Guest

    Default pic of my comet motor scooter

    hello everyone this is Daniel again. I am posting a pic of the comet that I have. My hope by posting this pic is that maybe someone will see it and know where i might find some info about it so that I can restore this classic antique. I want to thank everyone for the info that they have shared with me soo far. It has been very helpful, but I still am in need for more. Please help... thank you soo much....Daniel

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    23JDCA 808 Guest


    Well, you have your work cut out for you. I had posted a link to the one club in the city where they were produced. Get in touch with them and find out what they know about the company. Also, try googling the name on the internet. This will take some time to drill down through all the junk. You should be able to find more information as your internet search skills improve. ...bill

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    c.o. Guest


    You've got a funky ride there dude.........

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