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Thread: More problems

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    PRG Guest


    Howdy Chaps,

    INLINE4NUT, thanks it was. Main motivation in posting beyond just a little encouragement – or commiseration, if you will in some cases – with others who’re seeing decade long projects coming down the home stretch is to bump start or add a little mass (entertainment in this case) to this particular forum which is unique.

    Likely due to their lesser numbers, lack of user friendliness in the backyard engine rebuilding department (main bearing/boring requirements) or some reluctance to put large mileages on irreplaceable components, Indian 4’s do not get much coverage at other marquee bboards/forums on the web nor is there a club site devoted to them.

    We’ve got a unique opportunity with this prominent forum to spread the word, kindle enthusiasm for seeing one of these fine machines - which can present a greater restoration challenge - through to roadworthiness and then provide some tech help to keep them motoring down the road. Our component/machining supplier situation’s probably not been better and with a few well placed modifications, they can be a lot more than just an engaging exhaust note idling around the field at a swap meet.

    With the exception of a small oil filter, my engine-external mods - 6volt based electronic ignition, electronic regulator, LED lights and AGM battery in a hollow Colorado FillRite - are all convincingly concealed while adding immensely to the usability of this machine. Look for it motoring about at Eustis and Bike Week...hopefully not toooo stuck in heavy traffic, some concessions must still be made.

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    partshunt Guest


    Well, my ten year project four moves along slowly. I had my first test ride on it. Very exciting, especially the left hand throttle and latching clutch pedal. Sure was nice tho, never rode a four till now. I am pretty darn green at it being more accustomed to all Harleys with right hand throttle and friction clutch. . Still needs pinstriping and cant get good dimentions for the rear tail lite conduit clips on 28-29 model 402. Also asking for pinstripe detail in this forum, no replies to date. Sending a pic taken the other day. The generator is now on it, waiting for a battery. Any help on pinstripes and conduit clips be apreciated....thanks...Joe

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    jww Guest


    Now thats a piece of eye candy! Bet its a hoot to ride too.
    Good work! jww

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    PRG Guest


    Howdy Joe,

    Absolutely lovely. The dagger makes another turn in my heart thinking of that lithe and athletic (and running no less!) 402 for only $10k passed up years ago while I steadfastly pursued a more expensive 2nd (nonrunning) example of its later more lumbering brothers, a 441.

    What a great machine to have your first 4 ride on.

    ..oh, and latching clutch pedal, eh? The thought of one of these clamped down on an idling machine in gear curbside back in the day, while an officer leisurely dressed down an offending motorist, makes me weak in the knees...if you've ever seen those slender clutch fingers at work.

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    partshunt Guest


    Yeah, that latching clutch had me worried till I got using it. Seems to be fine but time will tell. Its pretty easy tho to pull the stick to nuetral when stopped as a safety. This bike used to belong to the the City of Vancouver Police and was auctioned off in the mid thirtys now that you mention "Police" Here is a pic of it in the Police Yard for sale back then. Have you ever seen that Indian Banner on the side of a box car as a promotional add? I'd like a copy of it if someone can submit it here. I believe its in one of the old Factory magazines like "Idian News". The banner read "This Boxcar is Full of Indian Four Motorcycles for the City of Vancouver B.C. Canada" This bike would be one of them. There are three left in B.C. that I am aware of from that boxcar load. All I could find at the old Police Museum was that thier Police bikes were red. I stayed with that color Maroon from samples found still on the frame....Thanks for all coments and help...Joe.

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    indianut Guest


    I would think that the pinstriping, wire clips, etc. would probably be the same as the much more documented 101 Scouts of the same year. As far as I know the fenders, brakes, front end, etc. are.

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    Is that period shot your actual bike Joe? Pretty nice to have if it is. Neat looking front fender siren and Stewart Warner "potato masher" police speedo. Don Doody had a copy of that Indian News photo in an old copy of the Laughing Indian Riders newsletter ... Perry

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