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Thread: Beehive Taillamp Gasket - like Original!

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    58Panheadfan Guest

    Default Beehive Taillamp Gasket - like Original!


    Recently I got a short run of accurate Beehive Taillamp Gaskets because I was tired to annoy with these crappy aftermarket Gaskets!

    Check out:

    Thank you!

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    Bill Pedalino Guest

    Default Behive Gaskets

    If I were building a '46 or earlier, I would definately spend $30.00 for your gaskets - they look perfect.

    Do you have any of similar quality for my '47 and '53 tombstone taillights?

    Bill Pedalino

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    58Panheadfan Guest


    Hi Bill
    Thank you for your kind words

    Sorry I don't have any reproductions on newer gaskets because it's very, very expensive to do an accurate tamplate. I'm selling gaskets as low as possible because isn't my goal to do big money with these. Made these gaskets it's more a hobby to me. I'm always happy to share our passion with oldtimer friends all over the world... Harry

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    Glenn Guest


    Hey 58 pan

    almost makes me want to go and find a 46 just to use your gasket.
    great job


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    58Panheadfan Guest


    New listing on ebay, see:

    Thanks again

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    58Panheadfan Guest

    Default Good News!

    interesting thread...

    Who knew 1939-1941 rubber, 1942 up felt...

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    INLINE4NUT Guest


    58pan, It looks like you have done alot of research on your gaskets,I also saw the post on the other site,It always amazes me how much everyone else thinks they know about cutoff dates and parts yet they dont back any off it up with facts !!! A long time ago i learned one thing about this crazy hobby of ours enjoy it and will the hey with the rest of it ! I too wish I had a 46 to put your gaskets on! But I only have a 47 (poor me ! ) As for made in U.S.A. parts I do like them but buy Four part from a gentleman in the Netherlands, he goes the extra mile and has always treated me fine,it is the junk from the far east I do not want Europe has always turned out some amasing stuff and I will continue to buy there!

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    58pan... just got mine today! They are fantastic. Thanks again!

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    I realize that this thread is old (and the link to the thread may be broken), but anyone happen to remember (or otherwise know) anything about the rubber/felt gasket claim (i.e., rubber for 39-41; felt for 42-up) or, more specifically, any authority, document, or other evidence that may or may not support the claim?
    Fletcher Clark Johnston
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