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Thread: old photos

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    20scout Guest


    Let's see if this works.

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    schmittm Guest


    newer photo, old toy!

    Happy Holidays everyone!


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    bmh Guest


    This is the first I had a chance to look at this..... all I can say is THANKS. This sure did brighten up a dreary, icy, pennsylvania evening.

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    Barry Brown Guest


    How many bikes can you identify? The Indian and Yale are pretty easy! Do the "Wilds of Manhatten" still exist? Where is Fort George? Cover of Feb 1906 Motorcycle Illustrated

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    23JDCA 808 Guest


    Google the names Ft. George and New York. Has a long and storied history. In Georgetown now. The Wilds may just refer to the county or countryside. ...bill

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    jke Guest


    Ice race fan!

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    Duke Guest

    Default 1930 VL 74 Photo

    1930 VL 74

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest


    Hey Old that a New Jersey plate on that bike?? Hrdly
    Originally posted by Old - Rust

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest


    Newark, New Jersey Taxi. How cool would this be to ride around on.

    The interesting thing about this photo (besides the fact that it is a motorcycle 'Taxi' ) is that even though this is a motorcycle, the bike actually has an automobile license plate on it.

    Perhaps the plate was transfered from an earlier automobile Taxi or likely they (NJ State or the City of Newark) only made available commercial automoble plates for Taxi/Limousine services.

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    Old - Rust Guest


    Yes thats a New Jersey plate on that bike. here more from NJ

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