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Thread: 68 FLH Clutch Set Up Question

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    ratfink Guest

    Default 68 FLH Clutch Set Up Question

    I have a 68 flh and am trying to figure something out. The service manual states that the priamry chain is oiled and "excess oil collects as the rear of the chaim compartment and is drawn back into engine gearcase breather".

    So just where is it drawn back?

    I noticed the cover had a drainplug as the rear. When I removed the cover, an excessive amount of oil drained out. I'm assuming it was due to the fact that the bike sat for 7 years.

    Any insight would be appreciated.


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    ratfink Guest


    Here is another picture...

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    ratfink Guest


    And one last picture...

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    Is that a genuine inner primary? There should be a return nipple near the drain plug (see attached photo showing the backside of a stock primary). Check your manual but I think the return is hooked up to a nipple on the crankcase that feeds into the breather. 68 is the first year for the new oil pump and I'm not sure if that changed it ... Perry

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    ratfink Guest


    Thanks Perry

    That solved the mystery.

    The inner is original and has the nipple on the back side that connects to the oil pump. The "reserves" I found in the primary must have been from sitting.

    What is the part number of the cover in your picture? Mine has 20-65A.

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    Same part number.

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    MJW Guest


    There is a method of abandoning that oil recirculation system which mixes dirty clutch crap in with your engine oil, just eliminate the return hose from the primary, then add just enough ATF to cover the bottom of the chain, not enough to get the clutch wet. Mike

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