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Thread: who's who

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    vltony Guest

    Default who's who

    How many members in AMCA are into 1966 thru 69 Shovelheads?

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    Jack K Guest


    I don't know that you could say I was "into" 66 to 69 shovelheads, but I own and regularly ride a 66. She's faded, weathered, and worn but bone stock right down to the piece of crap side bowl linkert. I wonder if Cotten makes floats for'em? I need one along with a new needle valve.

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    vltony Guest

    Default Yep...

    Yes Jack that counts...My daughter has my old 68 she's trying to find parts for it....Hers is a early FRISCO style (in pieces) its a 80 incher tho, she waiting until the baby comes to start on it again...
    Ya,get a hold of Cotton. I heard he has the BEST floats around.

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    tomanybikes Guest


    My long distance bike, and one of my favorites overall, is my '68 FLH. I fiddle with it regularly and it's getting closer to original condition all the time.

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    ratfink Guest


    I just got my 68 FLH back on the road.

    Runs strong as ever.

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    T. Cotten Guest


    DC's were Linkert's finest hour.

    Although I fear the floats will eventually swell like the contemporary "Armstrong" floats, there is plenty of room in the bowl for expansion before hanging up.

    However, it should be noted that the contemporary hop up for these units was to extend the bowl with a spacer for more reserve, indicating that capacity might have been meager to begin with.

    S&S started their empire with a revision of this design, and I would guess the bowl on an L series has significant more volume!

    Since the floatlever is cast within the float itself, I doubt I can provide a replacement economically.


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    Jack K Guest

    Default DC Linkert

    Cotten, I wondered if you would have anything to say about the little side bowl being a piece of crap. I thought I had seen where you liked'em.
    I really should apologize to the little Linkert, it's been metering fuel to the FL for over 40 years now. However, it would help if the hole in the float the float lever goes thru wasn't wallowed out larger than the lever arm and it would help if the needle valve would stop the flow of fuel. The needle leaks just enough to not allow the engine to idle at less than, maybe 1000 rpm or it will load up and die, and it just makes the throttle reponse not to crisp.
    The biggest flaw with the DC setup is the air cleaner backing plate. It has a hole in it to stick the chock lever thru,,, and let dirt in! This is not a good thing in West Texas during the spring or fall. I'm sure you've heard, we get an occasional dust storm. Some times thicker than Louisiana fog.

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    T. Cotten Guest


    I can't think of any design of carburetor that is a "piece of crap".

    But any carburetor can be crapped out.


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    bkerner Guest


    I have finished restoring?? my 73 FXE and although it's just now considered old enough to be mentioned here, it gathers a huge amount of attention when I take it to my local rallys and runs.
    Seems like the average rider today hasn't seen a lot of shovels on the road. Weird, I remember when it was new.

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    T. Cotten Guest


    I got my first '65 in '75. Everyone told me it was an ancient dinosaur at only ten years of age, handshift an' all...

    It was another ten years on the streets of Peoria before I ever saw another one.

    Now they litter the field at Davenport; There must be more on the road now than the Factory ever produced. And nowadays a twenty year old machine often isn't even broken in, much less considered a "classic".


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