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Thread: 1923 chief rear stand

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    Default 1923 chief rear stand

    I'm looking for a 23 chief rear stand (half moon style). Presently I have a 1924 onward stand and it is not correct. I can buy or trade if you need it. I would also need a horn button. It seems impossible to find.....any lead would be apreciated....
    Thank's Alain

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    I have the opportunity to buy a basket case 23' Big chief. Frame, wheels, front forks, handlebars, frt and rear fenders, engine including frt and rear cylinders, xmission, and seat included. Seller is asking 20k. Is this a fair price? Thanks.

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    Seems a bit steep to me! The missing parts are really tough to find and will add an incredible amount to the price of the project. I'd be more inclined to think 10 K. However, what exactly is included with the engine, is it complete? Are the cylinders usable? If it's a 61" those are even harder to find! The generator alone is 1K$, tank, battery and tool box are impossible to find, last tool box on ebay went for over 700$, wheels are hard but doable, brake is tough. On and on......

    I love the early chief's, they are incredible machines and in my opinion way ahead of X and HD for the time, too bad they never changed over the years though......


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