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Thread: California Motorcycle Clubs

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    HarleyCreation Guest


    Originally posted by AdminGuy
    The 16" ballon tires were great at the time. Gravel roads were the norm. Not alot of high speed work. Tires were extra shock absorbtion.
    That's true enough. Hap described them as "comfort producers" at the time they were introduced. But I've ridden both 18s, 19s and 16s over various terrain and never could tell that 16s produced that much more
    "comfort." But the minute you slap an 18 or a 19 on the front and your bike handles so much better!

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    jurassic Guest

    Default patriots


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    jurassic Guest

    Default cobras


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    jurassic Guest

    Default cobras

    i dont know who Mayberry was ,but he must have been pimpin' in this thing.

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    Flathead Jedd Guest


    Very nice! Thanks so much for the pics. I really appreciate you sharing with us. Any one else out there? Jurassic is carrying the conversation all by his lonesome. I know there are more club colors out there. I put up my measly one. Let's get some more. Any Boozefighters out there? I out of respect won't put your colors up, but we'd love it if you did.

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    Flathead Jedd Guest


    Here's another. These were clubs that hung out at the All American Bar, home of the Boozefighters. Anyone with info on these clubs would be appreciated.

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    D.Mac Guest

    Default Yellow Jackets MC

    Hello Jed,
    This is a real interesting thread, but no one ever said any more regarding your question on the Yellow Jackets. There is a book called "Motorcycle Jackets" by Rin Tanaka, that has several pictures of early cycle club sweaters, including the Yellow Jackets, Galloping Gooses and others. Unfortunately not much useable historical info is included in this book, but some good photos. Also the owner of several of the sweaters shown in the book has a website, and could possibly provide some more info.

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    23JDCA 808 Guest


    go to and enter the author's name, Rin Tanaka; these books are available ...$$ ...bill

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    23JDCA 808 Guest


    The author, Rin Tanaka, is prolific. He has documented the motorcycle scene with books on T-Shirts, helmets and The Jacket. Type the name into a eBay search. ...bill

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    robrat Guest

    Default Modesto MC

    While looking on David Wassermans superb web site I noticed he had for sale a belt buckle. The Buckle had a skirted Indian motocycle on it with 'Modesto Motorcycle club' in enamel blue and yellow.

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