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Thread: 6 volt battery replacements

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    PSANTORA Guest

    Default 6 volt battery replacements

    Has anyone tried out either of the alternative 6 volt batteries that are now available.The first one is a sealed lead acid battery that is 18ah and measures 3.6" x3.3" x6.5" available from for $48.00. The next one I located is an 18ah gel battery available from Great Plains Cycle. The dimensions are very similiar to the the first battery but this one cost $72.00. Neither is a direct replacement, but neither have the dreaded vent line either. If anyone has ever used either of these I would like to hear your opinion.

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    Skip Guest

    Default has H2 batteries...4.4x3.9x8.5....$78.80

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    Erdos Guest


    You might want to try the $9.00 battery from home depot. I fit 2 of them in my battery box (so I have a backup). I installed mine at the end of the season, so I haven't tested it over the long haul but so far so good. I think it was discussed earlier in one of the indian threads I'll try to find it.

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    Erdos Guest


    Found it.
    AMCA Forum > Technical Discussions Indian > Chief > Chief battery

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    Rockin Ronny O Guest


    What about an H-4 replacement?

    That's the 1949-1964 Harley-Davidson Police big battery. 36 amp hour.

    Anyone know where I can find one (dead or alive)?

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    Rex Guest

    Default Interstate Batteries H2

    Interstate is offering an H2 replacement. Does anyone know if it's the same door stop that we buy from restoration suppliers, or something different?


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    KDR Guest

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    What's wrong with ours? Been selling them for years (couple thousand anyway) and can count on one hand all that have had problems........most were the end users fault or shipping damage. It's a pretty good battery......I've had people say with a tender they're now into their 4th year.


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    Dana Guest


    The other thing you can do is pull down the YUASA catalog from their website. In it they have a page full of 6v batteries that you can order from your local motorcycle dealer (modern or antique). (I chose the highest amp-hour capacity I could get that was still the right dimensional size). The bonus for me was they would take my old dead battery (so I didn't have to get rid of it), and fill up the new one with acid (so I didn't have to scrounge up acid). The online battery dealers typically ship without acid, as far as I know.

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    bmh Guest


    You can still purchase 6V batteries through the H-D parts and acc. catolog. I think they run 40some to 50 bucks. seem to hold up if properly cared for.

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    Rockin Ronny O Guest


    You are all correct. You can buy a genuine H-D battery for 6-volt systems if you are running a civilian Panhead. However, the police models took an entirely different battery. Theirs kicked out 45 amps and was more square. Thus, an H-4.

    Does anyone know where you can buy one of those?

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