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Thread: 1942 Gnome Rhone AX2

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    Default 1942 Gnome Rhone AX2

    Needed: One wheel for a Gnome Rhone AX2. Wheel is needed for the spare mount on the sidecar. Please reply with condition and asking price. NOS, used or replica - all are ok.

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    Default AX2

    Is this AX2 in the US?
    I once sold a AX2 to a friend of mine living in Paris. I know he sold it later on and was told that it ended up in the US. As this is a pretty uncommon bike there can not be many in the US.
    Would be interesting to know if this is my old AX2.
    I can most likely get you a wheel out of a friend here in Norway that is a AX2 addict.


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