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Thread: 1913 Harley twin engine

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    Ross, it's July, and I just saw your 9/23/16 mention of a 1911 chassis. My want ads had no results. The 11 would be a belt drive, and 11 was the last year of a straight, top horizontal frame tube. In 1912, the top tube mitered down to the seat, for the new gas tank. I will pursue leads, and will be at Wauseon and Davenport. Ken Brugioni,, Tinley Park, Illinois.

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    Hi Ken, I too will be at Wauseon vending at H1. Drop by for a visit.Since the last flurry of emails I have taken the 1911 twin engine apart and rebuilt fins etc and put in a new crank pin and such. The motor showed little wear inside and even the flywheels are stamped with 304A same as the engine serial number. I am happy that everything on the inside and the outside is matching numbers. Will be back at the project in the fall.Right now trying to hurry a Shovelhead along for upcoming AMCA Road Runs. Cheers

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