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Thread: 1913 Harley twin engine

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    Ross Guest

    Default 1913 Harley twin engine

    Just picked up a beautiful harley twin engine. Serial number 304A. I have been told it is late 1912 or early 1913. Someone else told me it might be a racing engine?Any thoughts.Would like to line up a frame and front end. I have visions of a board track racer to go with my 13 Indian racer. Any help would be appreciated. Ross Metcalfe Buffalo Chapter

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    silentgreyfello Guest


    I presume the number you are talking about is on the left case? What are the numbers on the bottom of each case?

    If the 304A is on the left case, it sounds like a restamp job . A 1913 twin should have four or five numbers followed by the letter E (twins).

    1911 was the only year to be followed by only an "A" in the vin, but the numbers started with 7600A and up.

    Should be pretty easy to tell the difference between the 11 and 13 twins. 1911 is a belt drive, with a large boss, 1913 was chain drive. 1912 had both. Post a pic if you get a chance.

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    silentgreyfello Guest


    One more thing.... I don't believe Harley made factory racers in 1913. I THINK late '14 was the first factory sponsered racer. Could very well be wrong here, but someone will know.

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    Ross Guest

    Default 13 HD ?

    Hi Both bottom cases are also stamped 304A. The motor was on the wall of a shop for over 25 years. The fellow took it on trade for some work. Apparently he said a Bill Rodencal said it was a late 12 /early 13. The engine looks unmolested in time and is only missing the mag cover.I will post pictures when my son comes home. Definately not a belt drive. Can anyone help me with connection to this Bill fellow from Harley. The guy I bought it off said he was one the company's factory historians. Ross

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    Ross Guest

    Default HD engine

    Also besides both bottoms stamped 304A, on the left side below each cylinder bases and also on the bottom of each cylinder are all 304A matching numbers. I will endeavour to photo all numbers tommorrow. Thanks Ross PS I've only owned the motor for a little over a day.

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    Ross Guest


    Here's some pictures. Ok people, what are your thoughts?

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    AdminGuy Guest


    You mean "fat dog salvage" Bill? me thinks.

    Building a bike around that should be fun. Doable. Why not a racer?

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    jurassic Guest

    Default early harley

    i have looked around and believe your engine is probably 1911.the numbers look genuine,it is belt should contact for frames and forks,and everything else you'll need.i know they are building a 1911 twin now.i think building a racer is not a good idea,as the factory did not really have any racers then,and a 1911 belt drive twin street bike is a sweet piece.unless you'd be open to trading the engine for a large bag of cash. if so let me know.

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    martin Guest


    Jurasic, aren't you one in the same as Competiton or affaliated with it? I agree is a 1911 motor with A in vin. I would NOT make a racer, though. Chassis is a very hard find unless you go reproduction, and castings on repros don't look right... too fat. Original sheetmetal, fogetaboutit. Would make a very neat repop bike with orig motor. Fricken repop stuff poppin up all over thogh. Between Henn, Competition, and the Oregon dudes, you can't believe anyone anymore when they say originality, but that progress I guess. cant beat um, join em. Whewee, very cool motor. Would you take my ole lady in on trade? Oh yea, she left a long time ago. didn't like old motorcycles in the house. good riddence.

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    Ross Guest

    Default HD 1911 engine

    Well you have to like this forum. For years I hve trying to buy this engine and always thought I was after a 1913. The " A " in the serial number always bothered me as my (rather poor reference books) only showed A as 1911. The gear on the modified shaft(probably this engine served time as a pump in the 1930's)gave me the idea it was chain drive and so it must be 13 as they did not have a belt drive then. I see now that it really is a pulley setup.We will include better pictures in a day or two to get feedback on how it might have been changed. I realize original parts to build this up is very very doubtful but are ALL the necessay parts available from all the guys you mentioned or others? My son and I will have to take some time and think about what route to take. Any ideas? I wonder how many belt drive twins were made in 1911 and at what number they began. You would have to think 304A is an early production number wouldn't you? Thanks for everyone's input and I still welcome more. Cheers Ross

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