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Thread: National Recognition Awards - changes afoot

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default National Recognition Awards - changes afoot

    Hi All-

    This is just a note to let everybody know, there has been a change in the "National Recognition Awards" given at any meet having National Judging.
    as of this year they will be:

    1 OLDEST
    3 LONG DISTANCE RIDDEN (First Place, Second Place & Third Place)
    3 PERIOD MODIFIED (First Place, Second Place & Third Place)
    Total 8 trophies

    This will make "Most Unique" more prestigious, and encourage people to ride more and bring out those bikes that are not original or restored but have had changes made to them, to show the history of motorcycling in America.
    this takes effect this year

    Thank You for your cooperation

    Kevin Valentine
    Chief Judge AMCA

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    servicardenise Guest


    Hey there Kevin what is the change? It sounds quite similar to what we awarded at Wauseon. Just curious. Denise

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    INLINE4NUT Guest


    Anything that gets the old MCs out is a good thing..this is a good thing! Paul thanks for thr heads up !

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    kval Guest

    Default national recognition awards

    the change is we eliminated
    one "most unique"
    and added a third "long distance" and "period modified"
    see you soon

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