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Thread: 1940-4 guages

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    cscott Guest

    Default 1940-4 guages

    anyone know the correct speedo and amp guage for 1940-4 hatfields book says which ones but i have been told these are wrong, looking for more imput, thanks chris

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    Correct speedo is 130 mph Corbin. Correct ammeter is 20-0-20 amp Conn. Tel. and Elec. Corp.. When you say Hatfield's book is wrong I assume you're referring to the 1932 to 53 Restoration guide. Indeed in the first edition the photos were swapped on the bottom of page 188. This is corrected in the second edition (I assume so anyway as it's not listed in the errata for that editon). Long ago Jerry released errata sheets for the book. Here's the first edition errata sheet and here's the second edition errata sheet ... Perry

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    cscott Guest


    thanks perry, thats a great help, it all makes sense ,thanks chris

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