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Thread: 4 cylinder woes

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    exeric Guest


    You could be on to something Chris. The throw-out arm exerts a tremendous pull on the pressure plate to compress the springs. Of coarse that wants to pull the entire crank assembly into thrust faces and the ring gear if there is excessive clearance. Why your motor waits a half hour to do that is a bit of a mystery though. We need some 4 cylinder wizards to jump in that have some first hand knowledge.

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    Barry Brown Guest


    what type of clutch plates are you running?

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    cscott Guest


    i dont know whats in there i didnt build this one , as i said it runs great, clutch works fine ,just take lots of power to re-engage when hot, thanks chris

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    cscott Guest

    Default problem solved

    i repainted this bike took it out the other day and the problem is gone, i did do some work on the front brake( turned the drum) and i believe that was my whole problem, the front brake was binding after running a while causing the rpms to be increased to get started again after stopping.........da................... never really felt like the brake ......just goes to show' always start with the simple things... thanks for all the help,chris

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    exeric Guest


    Boy! I've been there. It's unusual problems like yours that make people brilliant diagnosticians. However, years of problems like that will either make you a great mechanic or chuck it all and take up basket weaving.

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