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Thread: carb chokes out

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    cscott Guest

    Default carb chokes out

    started my 1940 indian 4 after a winter in the house, cleaned out everthing, charged the battery, and fired it up and no matter how i adjust the carb it chokes out when i advance the throttle , it ran great last fall, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks chris

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    kunzog Guest


    Are you getting good gas flow from gas tank to carb? Maybe crud in fuel line.

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    AdminGuy Guest


    I think he means it's running rich. The carb giving too much gas. Choke in correct position after warm up? Lets start with simple stuff.

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    INLINE4NUT Guest


    1st off relax,if it ran when you put it away it will now ! ust look @ everything and go from there you know its something simple !

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    indianut Guest


    Sometimes when they sit a long time the needle tips can gum up. I just turn them in till lightly seated then bring them back again. I have had success with this several times.

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    T. Cotten Guest



    I suggest inspecting the float.


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    cscott Guest

    Thumbs up choke out

    well, i found the problem ,when i was running it before i was using the left tank, after cleaning everything , adjusting timing, clean needle etc, i added gas to the right tank and opened the valve and was able to adjust the carb, and it runs fine, aparently there is blockage in the left side line. thanks for all the tips, up and running again, thanks chris

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    INLINE4NUT Guest


    cscott,So it was something simple Ive been there a million times! Glad it was easy ! Enjoy

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Woooooo.... kunzog was the grand winner on that action. Good job! Anyone soldered brass mesh filter screens into the top of your petcocks for filters - eg. british bikes. If your tanks are not coated. I'd be thinking about doing it.

    May greatly extend the life of your petcock.

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