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Thread: Any Italian Bike owners alive out there?

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    Baytown Guest

    Smile Any Italian Bike owners alive out there?

    Geez, glad I don't own one. I'd be the only person on this list.
    Wake up everyone!

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    Pete Gagan Guest


    Sure. Italian bikes are great. I have a 1957 Motom TS, which looks like a cruise missle with handlebars- 98 ccs., overhead cam, downdraft Webber carb, totally enclosed, etc. A Motom TS is the only motorcycle exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I just acquired a Laverda 750 SF, just AMCA eligable, which is a vertical twin like a Triumph, but dare I say better. I will be riding it at Borrego Springs and Temecula in a couple of weeks at the AMCAroad runs.
    Pete Gagan, Prez.

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    Baytown Guest


    Good on you Pete.
    Just saw that there had been no comments from this group for so long!
    Hopefully this'll get things going!

    Best wishes mate.


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    darrylri Guest


    I briefly had a 1967 Montgomery Wards Riverside, 350cc 4 stroke single. Made by Benelli. Does that qualify?

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    LouieMCman Guest


    Bad news is I sold my old '72 750 Ducati....good news is my wife bought a 2000 ST2 Ducati, hope it don't kill either of us. I do have '67 HD Sprint and a '69 Indian Mini Mini with sidecar. I think there is just not many old Italian bikes (full size anyway) in the States.


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    Barry Brown Guest


    Just picked up a nice all original 5000 mile 1972 Ducati 350 Mark3. Was astonished to see 2 names on the ownership of guys who went to my high school in the 60's, the first owner being Jordan Anka, a cousin of Paul's ( you know ,the old Canuk crooner from Ottawa) , I got his number and called him up and he was equally astonished. ( Jordan , not Paul!) Also have a Benelli 360 "Mojave" ( sold by Wards Montgomery) , a pushrod ohv 4 stroke single with cool Rickman like styling all done in steel. And finally have just been offered SEVERAL new in the crate bevel Dukes, SFC, and Bimotas!!! Doubt if I can afford any!
    Woops, one more, just rediscovered the only Laverda 750 SFC sold new in Ottawa.
    Over the years I have seen many nice "bacon slicer" Guzzis across the USA.

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    c.o. Guest


    I know a guy down the road the road races an early 70's Ducati 750. He's got a couple of singles as well. I also know another fella locally that spends his summer days cruisin' on his Guzzi. So I guess they're around at least in my area........ The Duc racer sounds pretty cool!!!!!!

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    Buzz Kanter Guest


    After many years without anything Italian (I used to roadrace a 750 Sport in the late 1970s) last year I bought a little Ducati mutt - 160cc single engine in a 250 chassis with aftermarket cafe race style gas tank and seat.
    I campaigned it in last year's wonderful Moto Giro US (run by USCRA) and did ok, if you don't count when it died half way through the 1st morning leg. After a ride to the lunch stop in a pick up truck, we fixed the points and she ran like a top the rest of the event. Fun little bike and a lot less money than any Indians or Harleys.

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    tomsum Guest


    My sole Italian bike is a 78 Harley SX175 by Aermacchi. The guy I got is from was told by his wife to "clean out that d****d barn full of bikes". Among his 20 some metric dirt bikes was the lone HD which he referred to as "Italian junk". Well I agrred that they come dirt cheap so in my wifes pickup went the bike frozen engine and all. Engine rebuilt (carb & plug off, 3"water in case) and junk switches fixed along with the mouse chewed wires. Bike runs great. It is a shame that HDs pricing couldn't compete.

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    AdminGuy Guest


    anybody have pictures or have receintly visited this museum in the netherlands? looks interesting.

    I got to look at an earily 70s laverda 750 eng. torn down once. Over built is such an understatement for this noted tractor manufacturer.

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