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Thread: foot clutch

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    VPH-D Guest


    I would think you'll need to use the later 80s manual for clutch adjustment, and any shovel/pan manual for the pedal setup.
    I, too have heard the "automatic" comment before! Hilarious!

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    mmoore Guest


    automatic huh? now I wont stop laughing all day

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    jcreighton Guest


    I'm glad someone else thought it was funny .I tried to keep a straight face and not fall over laughing as I explained that it was a special factory prototype for people who are not coordinated enough to ride a bike that requires shifting

    Maybe someone should re -stamp
    P.R.N.D.L on a shift gate that would really be a conversation starter.

    I tell my kids that it makes a good anti-theft devise because most people can't ride a foot clutch or don't even know what it is.

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    cdndewey Guest


    I can't tell you the exact year that they were last used, but I can tell you that I saw one on a police bike when I was going to college in Toronto in 79-80. Also I have a factory 1978 Owner's Manual that tells a little about the hand shift and how to adjust the foot clutch. There's nothing in my 781/2 - 82 Service Manual either.

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    jcreighton Guest


    I'm going to adjust as if it were a 70's bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreighton View Post
    Does any one in shovelhead land know when HD stopped useing a foot clutch hand shift ? I have an '83 FLHP and cannot find any info on adjustments . I have a mid 70's shop manuel but I don't know if adjustments are the same. HELP!!
    The Hand Shift/Foot Clutch setup was a option Harley offered till 83' on 4 Spd Models. Many Police Departments were able to use it as a way to ward off the Jap invasion by Specing their bikes with a Hand Shift. Sonething the Japanese did not offer. It's still done today by Safety Services to get the exact brand of Vehicle they Desire. Adjustments are the same, because the clutch setup was the same since 1936.
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