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Thread: New Threads.....

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    LouieMCman Guest

    Talking New Threads.....

    Jees for all those who wanted the Troublehead section and only one thread??? How about some new ones ! Come on you Troubleheaders.


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    Paps Guest


    I need someone to donate an early 70s rear rockerbox for the topic I posted "Can You Help These Folks Out" in the Parking Lot Chatter section of the forum. So far we have donors of a rear cylinder, rear head, rear tappet block, set of pushrod covers. engraving skills, base materials. labor and many many ideas and suggestions. Other than this, it seems troubleheads are not to much trouble after all. To view the complete topic on the urn, go to There are presently two pages of chat on the subject. Paps

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    Lonnie Guest


    Louie: It would seem you need to find another nickname for the shovelheads since no one is having any trouble.

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    LouieMCman Guest


    Nope, I owned (and worked on a lot) a shovelhead for 20 years, rode it from Mexico to Minnasota, I think I earned it to call it a troublehead. Rose even rode it on a couple AMCA national road runs, I was riding the Indian alot back then, but I always seemed to be working on the shovelhead more. My main point is I don't feel it was much of an improvement over a late model Panhead. Of course I own one of the perfect pans, a '65. But that's another story........


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