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    cdndewey Guest


    I have a Shovel in my collection also. I was starting to give my Pan a once over and got stalled by going to school and then buying a house. I figured at the rate I was going I better buy a rider. I wanted a generator Shovel but ended up with a cone (78) instead. It's an early 78 but it had some nice stuff done to it. Two over front end with aftermarket calipers fore and aft. It had a LePera seat and staggered duals but I got he original stuff with it. I put the factory duals on it with some aftermarket fishtails and a solo seat on a T-bar. This winter I put on an S&S Super E with a bird emblem breather, a high output ( 32 amp) charging system, Primo 11 mm belt drive, Andrews J grind and a Mallory electronic ignition. Now I can get working on the Pan and the 45's. Oh right.... and house stuff too.

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    G. G. Lyons Guest

    Default mine are 68 and 78

    My shovelheads are a 68 Oakland police special 32k miles and a 78 with a 93" motor. I love my shovelheads...

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