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Thread: oh ya....

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default oh ya....

    Bring on the Shovel trouble!

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    Jack_Hester Guest


    You're a good man. Thanks.


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    Chris Lastinger Guest

    Default Great

    Oh your quick. Now if my baby will just break. Thanx

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    Paps Guest


    Awesomeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!! Paps

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    KNUCK Guest


    Ok lets get this started.

    If you own a Shovelhead let us all know what you have.

    I have a 1966 FLH Hi-Fi blue and white. Original from paint to chrome. Have 33,213 on the clock. I have a little trouble with the starter but will get into that later.

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    Jack_Hester Guest


    Mine is a 'totaled' 1976 FLH, that I bought new, and has been my primary road machine until the minivan took it out of commission. It has been in every state but RI, AK, and HI. I figure to have it back on the road in a couple years.


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    Chuck#1848 Guest


    I have a 1972 Shovel it has been off the road a few years been thinking about getting it back on the road have to fix the kicker gears.
    It has 15600 miles on it since I have owned it two total rebuilds and have had this bike going on 20 years.
    The last 13 with a sidecar that I just reciently sold.

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    B. Rodencal Guest


    71' FLH for me, It is the newest bike I own and my everydayer. Finally snowed here so it's up for the winter.

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    LouieMCman Guest


    My shovel story.....bought a '79 slow rider in 1980, I didn't know better at the time but it was the worse vibrating motor I ever had. Kept it 20 years and finally sold it. I've got an Indian Chief, Panhead, Knucklehead, a Flathead, Horizonal twin, and that damn shovelhead is still the worse motor I've ever owned. I haven't missed it a bit. My wife rode it the last ten years I had it and I went back to my Panhead. She rode it on a couple AMCA national road runs and I worked on it more than any of my older bikes. Sorry, but Ya'll can have them all. Thanks for the space so I could write this!


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    Jack_Hester Guest


    Louie -

    That's a shame. Wish that someone could have given it a good once-over. The fact that you bought it so new tells me that it probably was never apart. Broken top motor mount? Or, engine mounted in a bind, where shims should have been used? Or, just plain unbalanced. Up until my 76 was taken out of commission, it was one of the finest road machines I've ridden. And, it was factory stock except for cam and carb.


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