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Thread: 1929-31 Schebler Carburetors

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    I really don't know, Steve,...

    If the slot was cut first, a couple of those should have been scrapped.
    Drills would also want to 'walk' to the slot, so the M51s imply they were performed first.

    We are talking about machining through about thirty thou (3/4 of a mm) of bronze, probably more if the bore was finished later.
    (Lack of burring and punch 'distress' implies that. Plus original bore diameters are just too consistent!)

    So, can we make Scheblers better with a slot?
    The open 'area' is critical, but these two Bonne (or M352 for 80" Chiefs) slots imply a Schebler could be opened up if the small hole is small enough to begin with.

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