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Thread: 26 JD inlet valve

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    Default 26 JD inlet valve

    I'm new to the JD style engine, and just noted the rear intake valve collar was tipped up on one side. I was able to remove the keeper, and it and the collar are damaged- looks simple enough to replace. I removed the rocker tower, and here's where I need advice: how does the inlet housing come out of the cylinder? Grabbing the valve guide I'm able to get a sligh amount of movement, but cannot pull it up or twist it out- what are the "tricks"? I could also use advice on the keeper- it looks like a key that passes through a slot in the valve- I think the previous owner had used a typical 1/2 moon key- looks like it should be rectangular, and fit the ID of the retaining collar- would that be correct? The parts book has such small pictures it is hard to make out. When I get the inlet housing out, is the valve guide replaceable? I have at least .015 clearance. Thank you! Dan

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    hi dan after you have removed the rocker tower you must remove the small set screw that is on the side of the cylinder this screw holds in the cage if you do not remove it you can not get the cage out. joe

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