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Thread: Small hole right side of linkert? Plug or not?

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default Small hole right side of linkert? Plug or not?

    What is the small hole on right side of my linkert for? Vaccume lock? Is that an over flow hole? What's it for? What if I plug it? What would that do?

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    I thought Cotten would jump in on this one. I'm no carb expert, but as I understand it that's the main nozzle vent. The nozzle can be externally vented (hole outside as you have) or internally vented (notch cut into bottom of venturi). Harley was one way and Indian the other. If you mix up the bodies and venturis you're hosed, either no venting or double venting (too much of a good thing). So ... given you have an externally vented body, make sure your venturi isn't internally vented. If it is, either change out the venturi for the correct type, or plug the hole ... Perry

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    T. Cotten Guest


    Gimme a break,.. my evil server's been down!

    Paul, I thought you had an Indian. They had no nozzle vent in the body, so please let us know which model we are speaking of, and exactly which hole, as there might be as many as three if it is a Harley model.

    At any rate, none should be plugged with a proper assembly. And I even doubt that running both a vented venturi and a vented body would make an appreciable difference. And since most venturies have shrank to allow air around them, a carb with neither vent might still run!

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Ahhhh.... thanks for info.

    Linkert M641. I'm going to leave it alone and see how the bike runs. If it runs.

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    T. Cotten Guest


    Your M641 should vent through a slot on the bottom side of the venturi, and not through the side of the carb.

    The only hole that I can think of would be indeed be the bowl vent or "overflow" as indicated in the attachment, although I don't have an M641 in my hands.

    (It appears that previewing the post eliminated the attachment, and the edit function doesn't offer the option to add one.)

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    INLINE4NUT Guest


    Sorry if this isnt the place for my question, Would you be able to help me find a good carb 441 for my 41 Four??? I have a bad one have tried everything to fix it and now need to find one! THANKS Carbman!

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    T. Cotten Guest


    I don't wheel and deal carbs outright (yet), although I make 'marriages' occasionally.

    In the meantime, nearly any 1" model can be made to service.

    Now I can try this attachment again.....

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Yes - that's the hole I was refering to. The "bowl vent hole". Now I know what it's for. What happens if I plug it?

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    T. Cotten Guest


    The bowl won't fill.

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    Chopperdave Guest

    Default interesting

    okay, i have a m74 on a knuckle and when i am priming the motor, and the choke is closed gas blows out the venturi vent.
    could this mean i have the wrong venturi in th carb???

    i had never had this happen before and this post is in perfect time for it!!!


    other than that the carb seem to work fine, and it only does it when the choke is fully shut.

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