Alice Decker
I lost my Alice to cancer several months ago and would like to have her poem published. Aliceís poem is about her and myself.

My husband fixes Harleys in a rundown shop out back
He fixes up the basket cases and gets them back on track
He fixes up the old ones, neglected through the years, cuz
When Harley is singing, itís music to oneís ears

The fellows came from near and far to listen to his tales
Cuz he has rode them and raced them and traveled many trails
It isnít just for money, sometimes itís just a trade
Of all the jokes and laughter, and all the friendships made

So, if you folks that read this get tired of all the strife
Just get yourself a hobby that will last you all your life
My husbandís hobby is Harleys and heís done it 50 years
Some wives wouldnít like it cuz he spends long hours there
But this wife doesnít care...
I do my hobby (sewing) in the little loft upstairs...

-Alice Decker-