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  1. Idian Junior Scout overboring for 30.50" to 30"

    Any one have some experience with over-bored cylinders from 30.50" to 37" ?
    My little dilemma is I would like to ride this bike after all but is it worth to sacrifice original size?
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    1937 Junior Scout Flywheel,

    Hello to every one,
    Couple of months a go I started restoration of 1937 Junior Scout but so far every step I take do goes into deeper problem... Engine was moving freely, that's the only good thing...
  3. 1937 Indian Junior Scout - Looking for Clutch Driving Plate Assembly

    Hello to everyone !!
    I'm new to this forum and Indian motorcycles, just started working on 1937 Junior Scout. First thing to say "thank you" AMAC people for keeping this forum and all posts, I...
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