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    Just got back from my weeklong NY vacation. I had...

    Just got back from my weeklong NY vacation. I had ordered the Eastern throwout bearing from J&P. Very nice kit and arrived with no problems.

    The old throwout bearing (dime disc with tiny roller...
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    Early 79 FLH Clutch/Throwout Bearing

    I lost my clutch (won't disengage). I went through the whole adjustment process (3/8"-5/8" between clutch rod and starter) and it worked momentarily. There was a little noise coming from the clutch...
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    Wow! Thanks!

    Wow! Thanks!
  4. Wow! Thanks.

    Wow! Thanks.
  5. Thanks Cotton and Robbie. Good advice. Kinda...

    Thanks Cotton and Robbie. Good advice. Kinda thought that was going to be the answer. Disappointing though, considering I have the stock mufflers on my 60 Pan and on my 80 FLH with 100,000 miles. The...
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    Clutch Discs for 80 FLH

    My clutch sticks and won't release a lot due to the discs being covered with oil.
    I want to buy the type of discs that aren't as sensitive to having oil on them.
    I have almost 100K miles on the...
  7. Thanks for the input guys. The rust was on the...

    Thanks for the input guys.
    The rust was on the side, (not at the bottom), at the most visible spot on the muffler so I don't want to drill a hole there.
    I'm thinking I'll try to keep as much wax...
  8. OEM Muffler Rusting from inside on 2003 Superglide

    Bought a brand new Anniversary Superglide in 2003 and have kept it all original (yes 99.9% of you, even the mufflers!).
    It has 4K miles and is still brand new.
    I was sick the other day when I...
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    Fuel Cutoff/Reserve Tank Rod Question

    My 60 Panhead Fuel Rod has just messed up. It is an original, and the rod no longer stays up in the "Reserve" position. I noticed a broken spring under the knob.
    I was going to look for a kit to...
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