View Full Version : Clutch basket

03-20-2004, 03:18 AM
I got around to resto the basket tonight. New Kevlar KING plates. I had to reset the plate pins (bent back). I guess they got bashed around a fair bit over the years. Really had a tough time cleaning in behind them. Tight fit. Built-up solid grunge was almost forceing them in, out of alignment. Is the Chief the same design?

I used 12 -7/8" springs. Was wondering if this was OK for pressure. 16 is max.

I used normal 24tpi nuts w/ split lock washers under. The nuts stand off. So I was wondering what was used originally? Jam nuts? or really thin washers that you had to bend up? My book said some thing like that but I hate those bendable washers. Except on main shaft. Not a big deal - just curious.

I'd kinda like to cut them down flush. Just so it looks a little cleaner. I don't think it will be a clearance issue with cover. Will it?

The only thing I felt I had to do to the KING plates was run a razor blade around inside edge to clean them up a little more. Less stuff floating around the better I figure. They're real nice. I have installed a few Barnett sets in the past. Tough stuff. So, looking forward to road testing these. From the looks of the old fibers I think it will make a big difference.

So someone pls answer my simple question.