View Full Version : Bearing race cup removal

02-03-2004, 01:08 AM
I spent a grand total of about 2 min trying to drift out races- just for fun. In case someone is having difficulty. And are new to such things. Maybe some day someone will find this in database. Oh well.... Arc weld a full single bead around inner lower lip of race. As the weld cools and contracts, the cast has expanded - it provides a few thou for you to easily drift the race out. You can even use a large dowel of wood cut to proper diam to give it (bead) a single whack. Out she comes - no sweat.

Well I did sweat tonight. My tanks apart. Boy that was easy. Never done it before. Makes massive dent removal with a dolly and hammer super easy. And now for the full inner tinning job. 60/40. A big thank-you to George Yarocki and Paul Coleman for that article in the magazine a while back.