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09-10-2003, 09:57 AM
Removing Krylon black primer from my '51-52 "script" tanks and fenders with "Aircraft®" stripper. Strongest stripper on the public market. Priming with PPG® DP-90 urethane. Sealing the primer (or "black" will bleed through) with cut-down DP-90. Top coating w/ Deltron 9850 Black. Cear coat? Maybe not. Deltron's resistance to gasoline reads: "No effect on finish". Clear coat DCU 2020 gas resistance reads: "Very Good". I can live with "No effect on finish". What I want is a gloss black finish that looks like hand-rubbed enamel or lacquer when I'm done with the rubbing part (and with no more bug parts than an averge jar of peanut butter [ppm. parts per million]). Clear coat??...[painter squrims in his chair]..won't a clear-coat look Evo era? Or can you "tone down" the gloss of a clear coat to look early enamel?
Well, I'm protecting my lungs with a "pipe bomb" looking device (a swimming pool leak detection kit) that I wear as a back pack, fed by an oilless compressor and hose and breathing through a Davco scuba regulator while wearing a cheap-o diving mask over my nose; and maybe some tear off shields made fron Saran®, whilst I flail paint around under the great outdoors. Dust? Bug parts? I don't care...I'll just rub it out later. OUTTA MY WAY...I'M GOING IN! (My neighbors...be forewarned: If you wait until I'm suited up and beginning to spray, then decide to meander over and ask me,..."Ah-huylk!!...whatcha doing there Kirk !??".... I'll cut you with my can opener.)

09-11-2003, 12:38 AM
Ok, you got me. I gotta see a photo of this action.

09-11-2003, 08:18 AM
You will. I'll set up a timed exposure. This can all be executed dust-free, as long as your spraying over gravel (class 2 road mix actually) and you wet everything down with a garden hose foist. Everything you would use looking for a leak at the bottom of someone's pool. Everything but the frog feet.
However, I have recently been pin-balled back and forth between the bumpers of misfortune and found, when replacing my transmission, that my '59 frame has separated where the cast piece meets the tube upright behind the oil tank; and then the axle wouldn't come out of the spacer because in April, I threw a siezed-up, thirty year old desert-bleached wheel on the rear after pumping 33 trigger pulls (1 oz.) of grease in it, and though it smoked from the star cover, I rode with it until I got it's mind "right" (grits teeth) and began to behave. But, it apparently got so hot that the (hardened) axle siezed in the (hardened) spacer and now I kain't get the wheel off, until I cut the hardened laminate with a buzz grinder. So, now I have to put the motor in a Tedd rigid frame and wire it up for juice, and I have to rebuild an old hub, but the import roller retainer I got from my main supplier is bogus and have but just now, received a new import retainer from Kick-Chuck, so I better rebuild the stinking hub and lace the rim and have a rigid rolling stock to work from. Then, I will paint the parts.

09-17-2003, 09:49 PM
Here's the scuba/ paint set-up. Came with an "oil-less" diaphram type compressor, that's hidden somewhere in my shed, but I'll find it. I think you set the compressor outlet guage to 30 psi.

09-18-2003, 09:33 AM
OK, I have mastered the pix-posting maze. I am a wooden sword/ garbage can lid wielding street fighter, computer master. Here goes:
"Files too big"??? What-tha-??? I made it 500 X 500.!! and 75 dpi!! I hate these stinking computers. I'm gonna go work on a wheel hub. I hate a computer.

09-18-2003, 11:23 AM
Yup - falls into the 600x600 size (this forces you to check the image size),

screen resolution lowest value 72ppi (this forces you to -at the same time check the image resolution, anything over is unnecessary, max screen rez is 72-75ppi),

file size below 70K (this forces you to use compression of some sort- jpg -level 3-4, high, is good). If your image is over 70K make the dimentions smaller. THis will reduce the file size.

All this is specifically aimed at getting folks to carefully check an image before it is uploaded to the database. I would prefer the database not become a massive picture storage warehouse.

I am always here to help those in need.

An H-Vac friend of mine that left school at gr 8. Took a short night school course and quickly figured out image manipulation, email, web browsers, OS basics. His wife got sick of him complaining. This gives me confidence that ANYONE can learn -if willing. Hang in there. Or rent a local twelve yr old.

09-18-2003, 06:21 PM
Here it is: The company that made it was so proud of it, that they put their name on it. "Superior Pool Services, Inc". Norcross, GA (404) 925-9872

11-05-2003, 12:50 AM
So is this the correct paint for early frames? I am building an early 60's ch and an early K and would like to know of a durable and period acceptable paint. Baked enamel?

11-05-2003, 05:02 AM
No, I don't think the Deltron 9850 urethane is the "correct" color for frames, but I don't care personally. 9850 is a PPG/Harley number and is now "Vivid Black" It used to be "Brilliant Black" I think. Ask the schmoo guy in that web address on this post. He should know.