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04-26-2003, 10:36 AM
As we say here on the 'Right Coast'..."Who The Hell Cares How They Do It On The West Coast!!"......Choppers Rule!!....oops!..almost forgot I was on the AMCA site....Listen, if some of you Members are interested in applying that much needed finish Pinstripe to your own 'Restored' motorcycles or just want to learn a little from a 'Master'...Click onto Mr. J's site at www.xcaliberart.com lots of FREE info, 'Tips of The Trade' and 'How-To's.' Also you can order materials and Pinstriping brushes from his catalog. Mr. J is a well known Pinstriper and Lettering Artist of many years. Having been Born in Paterson, NJ myself, I've run into a lot of 'Old Timers' (aren't we all), like Mr. J and guys who were on the 'East Coast' Custom and Hot Rodding Scene from the very beginning. Anyone who's anyone in this Scene knows of Mr. J and places like 'Gasoline Alley' in Paterson, NJ. Check Mr. J's site out you'll learn a lot and maybe put it to use on your next 'Restored' project or perhaps that 'Bobber' or 'Modified' project. While intricate Pinstriping is an Art unto itself, you'd be surprised that with a little information, the right tool and practise, you could lay down a descent Pinstripe yourself, the right way...with a brush and not a mechanical pencil or striping tape (YES... I know.... my Drag Bike Sporty uses modern silver vinyl striping tape....EEGADS MAN!!.....But REALLY....HONEST....IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY!!)......Later...;) :cool: Hrdly-Dangrs