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04-06-2003, 12:20 PM
So by now some of you guys may know that I've been working on a Period 74 Sportster Drag Bike. Working with what was available in Aftermarket and Factory HP parts and known Hop-Up tricks. To this end one of the main things I'm concentrating on is reducing weight. That goal is 300-325lbs wet before rider weight (Don't Ask Wise Guy!!) is figured in. Sometime this month I'll be starting the Fiberglass construction of the 'False' gas tank cover and rear fender. My intent is to form a false 'Fiberglass' cover using the original 2.2 gal tank as a Form/Buck. This 'Fiberglass Tank Cover' will look like a regular stock tank when viewed from the top and sides, but underneath and bolted to the frame will be a 1/2-1 gal aluminum cylinder fuel tank w/dual Pingle fuel valves at the bottom and a vented screw on fill cap that, when the false 'Tank' drops over it, will poke thru a pre-cut hole where the normal gas cap would be. These were all period correct Racing Mods, although I have to research to see if Pingle produced the valves I want to use back then. This is where the two valve set-up may seem redundant, but if the Pingle Hi-flow fuel valves were not available, then two old style H-D valves would give ample fuel flow at Top End. (yeah I know, I'm getting slightly carried away, but that's the fun in it!!) Getting back to Fiberglass....I did a lot of Fiberglass work in my early painting years, so I'm confident enough to try it. The difficult part will be making the Fiberglass 'tank' ridgid enough to stay together, but thin enough to keep the weight to an absolute minimum. Still deciding whether to use the Fiberglass mesh or loose hair type. Figuring out how to keep the tank attached will also be tricky. There were Aftermarket Fiberglass Sportster tanks available back then...Hard to find now, but would be useless for my project as they are so thick as to make them heavier then the stock steel 2.2 tank. As for the Aluminum gas Tank cylinder, I'll either hand make it or perhaps modify a Moon cool tank. Did you know the Factory made Aluminum rear fenders back in the sixties for Racing/Special Model Sportsters? So I heard. Think they were stock style but 'bobbed' for racing! Wow, I wouldn't mind finding one of those!! Any Fiberglass fabrication tips always appreciated!! Damn...I love old bikes!!.......:cool: ...Racer 'X'...Hrdly-Dangrs